Defeating Windows Genuine Advantage Check (WGA)

UPDATE: Microsoft got a lot of heat from its customers because of WGA notifications. They have officially released this KB article on Sept 7th detailing how to remove the WGA tool from your system.

My Original Post : Any of you guys sick of the Windows Genuine Advantage nag that has started popping up on your logon screens and then this tooltip shows up which keeps telling you that you are a victim of software piracy. And not to mention you cannot install any updates from !!!!!

First of all, I am not encouraging illegal use of software in any sense. I am a proud owner of a paid license of Windows XP which I have on my laptop computer. But I just happened to come across this really cool tool which promises to fix WGA nag and I thought I will just share it with you…just launch the tool and download windows update and even kill that WGA nag popup. Cool stuff !

Here is the link :


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