Fake AJAX = Fajax. Use this for a cool transition effect

First of all this has nothing to do with AJAX. But if you paste the below TAG in your HTML, it will cause IE to use DirectX transformation to render your page. This gives a very cool and pleasing look. Almost looks like the page used AJAX because you don’t see the page being posted back.



<meta http-equiv=”Page-Exit” content=”progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Fade(duration=.5)” />

The way I understand this works is that IE sends a request for the new page but does not clear the page you have on your screen right now. When IE has the second page ready in the buffer, it just uses DirectX to transform the image of the previous page into the image of the new page.

You can try these other effects too :


Plus, you can apply these affects at various points in your site or web pages :

meta http-equiv=”Page-Enter
meta http-equiv=”Page-Exit
meta http-equiv=”Site-Enter
meta http-equiv=”Site-Exit


6 thoughts on “Fake AJAX = Fajax. Use this for a cool transition effect

  1. Very Nice…Working Fine…
    Any more effects are available or not..??
    can we try other stuff in http-equiv property, like page-load, etc.

    thanks buddy,

  2. quiesiera saber donde puedo encontar algo mas respecto a FAJAX ya que me interesa saver mas respecto a este tema ya que me toco como una espocicion me podrian ayudar porfas

  3. This does not seem to work in the new IE 9. it works in IE 7/8 But not in IE9

    Has anyone found an equivalent that works in IE 9?

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