Links to other cool stuff

Here are links to some really cool stuff/solutions to common problems :

  1. Implementing a Dynamic WHERE Clause for your search queries without the overhead of dynamic SQL – Thanks to Avneesh for pointing this out.
  2. ASP.NET DataIslandGrid Control – A really nice control which gives you  free sorting/paging for a databound html table. Everything happens on client side !! No server trips – Thanks to Avneesh for pointing this out.
  3. Make your pages printer-friendly  without writing any code. Use stylesheets instead.
  4. Enabling anonymous access in SharePoint 2007 -This article details all the steps involved in exposing your Sharepoint 2007 (MOSS 2007) site to the internet, by turning anonymous access. If you need to expose a blog site to the internet then you will have to additionally give Blog Visitors access to your “Posts” and “Comments” by going to your “Site Actions” menu in your blog site (not through Central Administration)
  5. Allow cross site /portal search for your WSS sites in Sharepoint Portal Server 2003. – A webpart developed by Microsoft which allows you to search across your portal when searching from within the context of a WSS site.
  6. How to encrypt cookies in ASP.Net – Give you a class which uses Triple DES to encrypt cookies. This way you can still store user information on user machines, and not worry about it getting tampered or stolen.

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