Cannot play WMV files in WMP11 or WMP10 or there is no audio

I spent several hours this morning trying to play some technical videos which I had downloaded in WMV format.  I tried every damn video player software out there like winamp, divx, GOM player, Interactual, quicktime…even Zune. But it just wouldnt work. Either the player would not play the video or it would play it with no sound.

 I downloaded so many codec packs. Code pack for vista, codec pack for windows XP, divX codec pack…I have lost count. Just when I was about to give up, I came across this codec pack I have been a big fan of, as it has helped me solve all my Video and DVD ripping problems from time to time. I installed the codec pack…while installing it asked me to uninstall the previous codec packs, which I did. And wallah!!! everything started working.  Initially I was blaming it on my Vista machine and I was thinking, I hate vista for the first time today (like an illiterate, but yes I was doing it), but when I went to my XP laptop, I had the same problem. The k-lite codec pack did wonders for me. The moment I installed it things started working. I thought I will share this information with y’all and the 4 hours that I wasted will save your precious time. Hopefully, google will point you to this blog if you are have trouble running WMV files.  


8 thoughts on “Cannot play WMV files in WMP11 or WMP10 or there is no audio

    I continue to be amazed by Mac users continuley having to prove themselves. I worked for Apple for 11 years. I am now a Vista user. Mac has great stuff. It also seriously has BIG downsides. Live and let live man. Either that or go and get some mental help.

  2. Rob,

    I can’t speak intelligently about the previous versions of the Mac OS prior to X. I wasn’t a Mac OS power user up until I purchased my first Mac at the beginning of last year. But I do know that I’m not going back to Windows any time soon.

    I don’t feel that I have to prove anything about the Mac. Nishant and I work together and it was simply meant as a joke. I am NOT amazed by the number of problems we see at work every day with Windows and other Microsoft products. Have you ever had to deal with Microsoft or Premier Support? Have you ever had to go back to your CIO and explain that we will have to incur hundreds of thousands of dollars in development costs because Microsoft decided to break mshtml.dll in IE7 which has caused all of the applications you’ve architected to not function as expected anymore? Until you’ve swallowed that pill, I hope you have fun with Aero and sharing music for 3 days over WiFi on your Zune.

  3. Thank you!!!!!! I just installed the codecs and it has fixed all on my PC as well!

    I can’t thank you enough for the info!! I too wasted at least one whole evening trying to fix this before I found your blog.

    Great Work!


  4. It’s not “Wallah”, it’s “Voila”. French, you know.

    I have the same problem; I already have K-Lite codec pack, I don’t use anything else. No go, I get picture but no sound with Media Player Classic. The offending codec is identified as WM10.

    Where to get wm10 standalone codecs?

    And, yes, vista does indeed suck.

    And Apple can stick Quicktime until it disappears.

  5. it is not wrking after installing this klite full version……….
    i m getting picture not audio…… i m fed up trying all the options i can………..plz help me out….

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