Installing Windows 98 on Virtual PC.

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I was trying to install Win 98 on a VPC, but it kept complaining that the file system was not FAT or FAT32. I tried doing FDISK, FORMAT. Nothing works. Finally after some googling, came across this website. They have virtual machine VM along with a pre-formatted FAT32 hard drive ready to install Win 98. Just add the VM to your VPC console, pop in the Win 98 CD and boot the VM.

Here is the web site : and here is  a link to the pre-formatted VHD and VM


8 thoughts on “Installing Windows 98 on Virtual PC.

  1. I just tested the link. It is working fine. Maybe the site was down for maintenance at that time when you clicked or something.

  2. Thanks for the tip yeah I tried formating the virtual drive I got and It would have not work if I didn’t have the floppy image. it run as good as new thanks

  3. Spent over 3 hours trying to make my own vpc, but had a lot off issues.This works perfectly though.

    Few notes: Make sure to use your physical drive if you have the win98 cd to get to the setup. After installing and booting for the first time you have to release the floppy image so you can enter win98.

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