Overclock your O2 Neo, XDA, T-mobile Wing

I had an Imate Jam earlier and I loved it because it was so zippy in everything I did. When I got the supposed to be cooler O2 Neo, I loved WM5 (now WM6) but the speed of the OMAP processor killed me. Then I came across this little utility which can help you overclock your OMAP processor. The default speed that shows up on my phone is 180Mhz. Some people have overclocked their phones upto 240 mhz and reported that it is running fine. In this article (and the zips included), I have set it to 228Mhz, which is also quite fast.

The utility is called OmapClock (Right click ->Save Target As –>Rename to Omapclock.exe). You can just copy it to your phone and run it. It has a very simple user interface.


Once you do this. It will speed up your phone. But you will notice that everytime you soft-reset your phone, or everytime your phone goes into stand-by mode, it loses the overclocked settings. If you want your phone to retain the settings then you have to follow the following steps.

1.) Copy the program to Program Files\OmapClock.exe In Pocket PC
2.) Copy the shortcut file that I have provided and paste to Windows\Startup folder) in Pocket PC. Omapclock (Right click->Save target as->rename to omapclclock.zip…..the shortcut file and omapclock.exe files are inside the zip file)
3.) Open MemMaid program, select “Notification Queue” (Second Icon from left to right)
4.) click “Add” and select Program choose the shortcut file > select Event and choose “The device woke up” and click “Add” (VIDEO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJZtLGJ24ts)
5.) Select “Start Up Program” (Forth Icon that from left to right)
6.) click “Add”, find the shortcut file.
7.) Close MemMaid 1.5 program and soft reset (VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgpFnPGe9iM)

You are done. You should have a much faster phone now. I have hardcoded the speed in the shortcut file to 228 mhz. If you want to increase it, then you need to open the file in notepad and change the number to whatever you want.

UPDATE : All T-mobile wing users, in case you didn’t know, T-mobile has robbed you off of at least 8-10 MB of RAM on your phone. Do you ever get errors when you try to start your camera that you are out of memory or something. Well, this is what several (at least 10) of my friends did and are enjoying their phone with lot more memory than the factory settings. Click this link to go to the article


8 thoughts on “Overclock your O2 Neo, XDA, T-mobile Wing

  1. You are a saint…the phone zips like a rocket….keep posting more slip tricks… would be really appreciated..
    Thanks brother

  2. Help!
    Any one share for me ” WM5″ flash File Version ! ( Include Download Link !)
    I haven’t find it yet !
    Safe for My Neo Device !
    SOS !!!!!
    Thanks !

  3. Diacauhitech,
    I had an O2 Neo and I had installed a WM6 ROM and it worked fine for 2 years, before I sold the phone.

    Just Google “PDAVIET ROM for Htc Prophet” and you should be able to find it. Also, in case you ever semi-brick your phone while updating the ROM, keep your original WM5 rom in handy and you will never go wrong. In your case you can use HTC prophet’s WM5 rom (which is widely available on the internet) as a backup.

    -Hope this helps

  4. Hello….. just want to thank you! I recently got a Tmobile wing and was really disapointing in the speed.
    I just followed your video (a little different on Mobile 6) and everything on the phone is working much faster.

    Thank you!

    Kevin Talley

  5. Hey man, i appreciate the effort, but the first link doesn’t work anymore (Omapclock). i just got my wing today, and i really want to speed it up. do you think you can help a brother out here? =/

    thanks in advance

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