LDAP Query to search a user in AD using his partial last name

Dim User as object

Set User = GetUserObjectFromPartialName(‘doe’)

Msgbox User.FullName & User.sAMAccountName


Public Function GetUserObjectFromPartialName(ByVal PartialName As String) As Object
On Error Resume Next
Set rs = CreateObject(“adodb.recordset”)
rs.ActiveConnection = “provider=adsdsoobject”

rs.Open “<LDAP://dc=sl,dc=ad,dc=csx,dc=com>;(&(objectCategory=Person)” & _
“(objectClass=OrganizationalPerson)(name=” & PartialName & “*));adspath;subtree”

If Not rs.EOF Then
Set GetUserObjectFromPartialName = GetObject(rs(0))
End If
End Function


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