Sprint Mogul with the leaked EVDO Rev A and unlocked GPS ROM update

UPDATE : HTC Has finally released the official promised ROM update on Monday, March 10th 2008. Get it here : http://www.htc.com/us/FAQ_Detail.aspx?p_id=75&act=sd

I recently bought a new Sprint Mogul. I am loving the device so far. Yeah, I know it is not very sleek and is a tad bit thicker than what I had hoped for, but the phone is a neat piece of machinery. Has a nice dual core CPU, and as far as I know it is the only Windows Mobile phone so far which has a Qualcom 400 mhz processor, rather than the regular Intel XScale or samsung or any of those older and much slower processors. The phone is such a pleasure to use, no time lags in menus or applications opening up. Sprint’s EVDO network is unbelievably fast and internet surfing rocks on this phone. I was easily getting speeds upto 400 kbps!! which is awesome!

So, how can it be “awesomer than this”…Well, greed has no limits..right? The more you get the more you want. You all must have heard that SPRINT has been promising since last year that they will come out with an official ROM update which will unlock the hidden GPS in the phone and will also upgrade the phone to the new EVDO Rev A. But it is already March 2008, and no news of the ROM yet. So, I went to good old Google and started hunting for any interesting ROMs out there. I found out that apparently the ROM update that SPRINT and HTC are preparing has already been leaked out in its BETA and is widely available on the internet. Found several sites, which had a link to the ROM and the required utilities to apply this update to your phone.

And I decided to take the plunge on my 1 day old phone. Of course, I was impatient in reading the instructions and I bricked the phone initially. For several hours I was stuck at the infamous tri-color bootloader screen. But then I figure out that I needed to CID unlock the phone first (CID unlocking will allow the phone to accept any new ROM images, otherwise it just rejects the images). So, i found a utility (titan_exitbl.exe) which kicked my phone out of the tri-color screen, then I CID unlocked it (Hard-SPL-240-MFG.exe)
and applied the ROM update(RUU_TITAN_SPRINT_WWE_3[1].16.651.0_435009_RS3_27_00_SPCS_NV124).

PS: The reason why I have mentioned the cryptic EXE names above for the utilities is that you can simply google for those keywords and you will find several places and articles where you can download and read about them.

Folks, below is what I have now….

The boot up after applying the ROM update. You can easily see that it says “TEST ROM, NOT FOR SALE”

Using Google Maps on the phone with the in-built GPS. Nice !

Using http://www.dslreports.com to test the internet speed. Can you believe, I am getting North of 950K/Sec now! Unfreakinbelievable!


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