Phone buddy for HTC Touch diamond and Touch PRO released !!!


  • [3/3/2009] Added a new option which allows you to enable tilt even in darkness. I had deliberately disabled it for valid reasons, but some people thought the tilt feature suddenly stops working not realizing that it is intentionally disabled in darkness (i.e in your pocket)
  • [2/9/2009] Two major improvements. Added very precise calculation for the Tilting feature. Also, the Shake feature is extremely sensitive and reliable(try with Sensitivity 15)
  • [1/27/2009] The fully functional 5 day trial version is available for download here. Please uninstall Meeting Buddy from your phone first if you have it installed.
  • Microsoft.NET 3.5 framework can be downloaded here. Copy this cab to your phone and run it from the phone.
  • If you like the trial version it is also available for purchase : (I prefer the Paypal method because Pocketgear pockets more than 50% of the sales proceeds from me)
  • PAYPAL : (Preferred) – $5 only !!

Phone Buddy is an upgrade to Meeting Buddy for HTC Diamond. It has many more features than Meeting Buddy and the price is the same. I have highlighted all the new features in Red

  • Tilt Control: The biggest featuer that I have added to Phone Buddy compared to Meeting Buddy is Tilt Control. When enabled it will go forward/backward depending on the screen you are on when you tilt your phone left or right. See video below
  • Flip phone to vibrate : Puts your phone into vibrate mode when you put your HTC Diamond face down, and will set it back to normal ringer when you put it face-up. It uses HTC Diamond’s built in accelerometer/G-Sensor for this.
  • If you check ‘Use Outlook Integration’, Phone buddy will put your phone into vibrate mode only if it sees that you are in a meeting (It does this by checking your phone’s outlook calendar)
  • If you use ‘Outlook Integration’ another settings becomes available to you called ‘Pocket Sensor’, if you check this, Phone Buddy will put your phone into vibrate mode, if it senses darkness (i.e your phone is probably in your pocket). It uses HTC Diamond’s light sensor for this.
  • Phone Buddy also has an option which allows you to lock/unlock the phone automatically using ambient light. So, if it is dark it will lock the phone’s keyboard. (So you don’t accidentally dial someone when your phone is in your pocket). It will unlock the keyboard as soon as you take it out of your pocket. You can also tell Phone buddy to activate this feature between certain hours of the day. eg. between 7 Am and 5 Pm.
  • Another option that it gives you is to lock/unlock the phone when you shake your phone. I have added the option to control Shake sensitivity too.
  • ‘Auto unlock on Incoming call’ is very obvious. If your phone’s keyboard is locked and Phone Buddy detects an incoming call, it will unlock the keyboard or you, so you don’t have to fumble around.
  • Auto unlock when Stylus removed’ unlocks your phone as soon as you take out the Stylus.
  • Hassle Free Installation’ No need to copy a .CAB file to your phone and run it. You can simply run the setup on your desktop and it will automatically install it to your phone.

Here are screenshots of the Configuration options for Phone Buddy :

  • fliptovibrateautolock
  • tiltcontrolfeedback

The good news is that it will be available for the same price, and all existing buyers will get a free upgrade. I will continue to offer Meeting Buddy for download as well (Although I don’t know why people would want that)

If you like the software buy it here :



Check out these other Titles too :


36 thoughts on “Phone buddy for HTC Touch diamond and Touch PRO released !!!

  1. Hi Pant, Good to see your is still running (have visited this after a very long time).

    Very nice an handy application. wish I were still using the HTC.

    – Hemanth

  2. I developed and tested this software on my own HTC touch diamond and am still using it. Don’t worry it won’t hurt your phone. And of course, if you dont like the software you can always uninstall it.

  3. Hi Nishant,
    I also tried to install it on a Touch HD but I couldn’t even start the instalation (the .msi file). I have installed Microsoft.NET 3.5 framework a few days ago, as some other apps were requiring it, and those apps seem to work ok.

  4. i have a sprint htc touch pro installed netfarmware
    installed phone buddy
    adjusted settings
    when i flip phone does not vibrate
    to bad i liked what i seen but will not purchase it if not working

  5. downloaded the file… works nice, i like it. there is one thing i dont like tho, and not sure if i can stop it in the settings. on my home screen it highlights the clock and calendar… when it tilts. is there any way to stop this?

  6. Tony,

    There is a quick way to disable it. There is a setting which says “Enabled tilt when stylus is out”. If you turn this on, it will only engage tilt when you take out your stylus. This way you will not see unnecessary tilt actions.

    But to really answer your question, I cannot tell you how many weeks I have spent so far trying to find when the user is in the main screen (i.e the clock screen), and haven’t found out a way so far to reliably tell that. This is the reason, the program never realizes that you are in the home screen and still keeps engaging the tilt.

    If I do find a solution, I will let you know and send you a free update.

  7. Nishant,
    Although I can now take calls when my phone is locked (definitely worth more than $5!), my phone still locks per the corporate group policy and I still have to enter my four digit pin to get it off the unlock screen. Is there any way to enter my passcode in to Phone Buddy so it can enter it for me?


  8. Someone asked me if he can just get a version of the app which Shake locks/unlocks the phone. What you can do is disable the meeting function and tilt control. And the app will only shake lock/unlock the phone after this.

  9. What is the price and terms of the software? I only see a buy now link but there is no description of how much the software costs, if it is a one time cost or has something like yearly subscription.

  10. Nishant,
    I was wondering…is this safe to download? Is there a risk of a virus or voiding the warranty? Also, how do you download it? (I haven’t tried yet) How do you get it onto the Sprint Touch Diamond.

  11. hi, I have install phone boddy on my touch HD, I can not get the ambient light lock/unlock to work.
    can you advice me


    • The ambient lock/unlock works in broad daylight conditions. This is due to HTC’s ambient light sensor hardware. It is not capable of reliably detecting brigthness even in a brightly lit house at night. I am sorry but I have no control over this issue. The only suggestion I have is to go to Settings–> and enable light sensor only between say …7 AM – 6PM (daylight hours)

  12. Ramin, I have never tried Phonebuddy on HTC touch HD because this phone is not available in USA. Although, it should work on this phone because it has essentially the same hardware as the diamond and pro phones.

    The ambient light sensor that HTC has built into these devices is not that great. So, it is unrealiable if used in a building (the sensor thinks it is dark even in a brightly lit room sometimes). If you go outside in broad daylight, it works reliably. Can you try it outside and let me know if that works for ya.

  13. Hello again,
    My Diamond says I need a newer version of Microsoft .NET Compact Framework…but I do not know how to copy the cab to my phone. The PhoneBuddy was downloaded, but I can’t use it. Please help!

  14. I deleted the application because of the Microsoft .NET compact framework…but i am still getting notification errors on my touch diamond saying “Cannot execute \Program Files\PhoneBuddy\PhonebuddyWorker.exe”
    This is annoying…how can i fix this?????

    • Hi, this happens if you do not properly uninstall the application. This can happen with any other applicaiton too, not only mine.

      Anyway, if anyone has this problem, here is the solution :
      Get the trial version of this software…
      When you run it, you will find something called a “notification queue”. In the notification queue….find phonebuddy.exe (or meetingbuddy.exe) or whatever that file name in the error message is. Then delete the entry…that will fix it.

  15. You Know whats so funny? I wasn’t going to say nothing . This guy has mad a app. for you guyz no thank you I have seen. Griffin you need to google Microsoft .net frame 3.5 install it! Thats your problem not his. You guys have to get to know your phone. Thank you for the app called Buddy family. Keep it up good work…..

  16. Hi there,
    I recently bought this unlocked HTC Touch Diamond, installed this trial software ‘PHONE BUDDY’, everything worked except ‘flip phone to vibrate’ is not working properly.

    First off, it works, I do face turn down, voice says ‘Vibrate mode’ and I flip phone upward , it says something. It works till here. Now, when I face it down again, nothing happens. I checked other features, it is working like shaking to unlock/lock, tilting to scroll images etc. Only ‘Flip phone to vibrate’ feature is intermittent.

    Any idea, what’s going on?? If you solve this problem, I’m planning to buy this app right away.

  17. I have installed the Microsoft.NET 3.5 framework and tried to install this but i get an error message saying that the installation was unsuccessful because the application is not digitally signed. I used to have the option to say yes or no but now it just won’t install it at all because it is not signed. Does anyone have any idea why?

  18. Have a HTC touch Pro2, Is the software supposed to work? Setup worked like a charm, I set the options and save, but nothing happen when I flip, or when I put the phone in its couch.

    Thanks for any help. I liked what I seen, and would like to have it.

    Also, I try to reproduce what exist with the blackberry, so I’d like to be able to set it in Vibrate mode out of its couch, and ring when in its couch. I already discovered that when I put the HTC in the blackberry cas, it automatically awake, meaning that it is sensible to some magnetic thing. do you know a soft that can help me (yours is doing exactly the contrary by putting it in vibrate mode when in pocket, may be a reverted option would be great)


  19. I see in the website the latest updated on June 2009 (, if i bought i will get the latest?, where can i download the latest (yours is on Jan 27, 2009). After paying by PayPal, you will send the serial/code?.

  20. Thanks for you response. I have successfully downloaded the file “PhoneBuddySetup.msi” and continue to install that file (because previously I have installed the file “NETCFSetupv35.msi” that needed by other program and I think that will work), but I got a message to install “.NET Framework version 3.5” (different?). After that I uninstalled the existing “NETCFSetupv35.msi”, replace with “” and continue to install “PhoneBuddySetup.msi”, but I still got a message to install “.NET Framework version 3.5”. What is going on? Can I get the cab file of Phone Buddy instead of msi file?. I have to try first before deciding to buy.

  21. I have downloaded successfully the file “”, also already installed in my Handphone and work well. I have paid and sent the DeviceID=Touch_Diamond by PayPal, so please send the registration code. The price including the update of the software (if any new feature)?. thanks

  22. Hi, I have paid by PayPal and send the DeviceID. Have you received my email? Plese send the code asap, I am waiting.Your trial time is only 5 days.

  23. hello
    just tried installing phone buddy (I installed .net 3.5 first) but can’t get it to run returns problem with phonebuddy.exe:
    v system.datetimeparse.parse(string s,datetimeformatinfo dtfi, datetimestylesstyles)

    v m.e()

    v a.i(object A_0, eventargs A_1) e) notify(boolean fVis)

    and on and on…

    any ideas? thanks

    • Also, I have tested it with U.S regional settings. i.e mm/dd/yyyy date format. What region are you from? Looking at the error it appears as if it is blowing up on a different region’s date/time settings.

      -Thanks Nishant

      On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 3:04 PM, Nishant Pant wrote:

      > What is your phone make and model? I have never seen this error before. > >

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