Welcome to the techie blog of Nishant Pant. Here you will find some useful code snippets, tricks, tips, gotchas related to Microsoft technologies like VC++, ASP, VB, ASP.Net, MSMQ, SQL Server  etc etc.

If you are an iOS /iPhone developer, you might find my IOS blog interesting too : http://iostipsntricks.wordpress.com


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  1. hello Nishant,

    Concerning your Shellextension for COM dlls, exes, ocx

    a serious bug in your shell extension:
    whenever the properties are accessed from a dll,
    that dll is loaded in memory
    thats not bad,
    but the bad thing:
    it is done the wrong way!
    dllMain is executed when the dll is loaded, thus making any system your plugin is installed on vulnerable to attacks!
    so don’t use loadlibrary to map the dll,
    but instead use loadlibraryEx like this:
    LoadLibraryEx( targetdll, 0, DONT_RESOLVE_DLL_REFERENCES );


  2. great 🙂

    i was a big fan of your plugin, until it crashed my explorer 😦

    so i’ll keep monitoring this blog,
    to get the updated version 😉

  3. I got itmobile and am trying to get this to work in Germany. Will not accept name or passwords. Have you gotten any info from anyone else on how to get this to work in Germany?

    • Sorry. I havent tested it in Germany…plus because tmobile blocked me from accessing their site, several people in US are also not able to use the software anymore.

      I am still following up with tmobile to allow me access. If they co-operate with me then it will work irrespective of which country you belong.

      For now, I had to abandon my efforts.


  4. Hi Nishant I’d like to learn about Loqly – the successes and failures, why it didn’t take off in your opinion, my skype name in nicktheo59 and my email is below , let me know if you have time for me, much appreciated. Nick

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