Installing Windows 7 (using Bootcamp) on a Mac with Parallels installed on it

I finally managed to install Windows 7 beta on my Macbook. I must say I am liking it so far. Of course it is a beta, so you have to keep that in mind. Plus, I am still hunting for drivers for my sound card(found it..see below for link) and isight camera. The setup for Windows 7 was smooth as a cake. Thats what I call unattended setup. No questions asked! the computer reboots a couple of times you enter the product key, and you are golden 🙂

The reason why I am writing this blog entry is that I wasted a lot of time getting Boot Camp to partition my Macbook hard drive so that I can install Windows on it. And I finally found a solution for it.

The problem : My Macbook with Leopard on it has a 200GB hard drive and only 5 GB was free. Also, I have a Vista installation on my Macbook which I run using Parallels desktop software. It is much better than Virtual PC.

So, obviously with 5 GB space I couldnt do anything. First I had to use a software called Diskkeeper to tell me which files were eating up all the space. I found a lot of redundant stuff, which I deleted and finally was able to create 50gigs offree space. I was happy with my cleanup. 

I fired up Bootcamp and gave 32GB to the Windows parition that I was about to create. But, after running for 5 minutes, Boot camp comes back with an error saying that some files could not be moved and the paritioning failed ! 😦

The Solution: After doing lot of research,  I finally found that the culprit was the Parallels desktop .hdd files.

So, I moved the entire Documents–>Parallels folder to my 32GB usb drive (formatted with Mac OSX partition). To move it you simply drag and drop it while keeping the Command key pressed. This created 30GB more free space on my Mac. And Boot camp had no problem creating the parition after this.

e free space on my Mac. And Boot camp had no problem creating the parition after this.

The bottomline is that Bootcamp doesn’t fail because you have less disk space, it fails because the .hdd files used by Parallels desktop are either marked readonly or are too big for it to move around to create a new partition.

Drivers : I found the driver for the sound card. Here is the direct link to the manufacturer’s site :